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Set of 27 Glo Ball Batteries

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Having a set of spare batteries is always a good idea. This set of 30 batteries ( 3 blister packs of 10 is enough to replace all the batteries in any of our V1, V2, V3 or V4 Glo Bocce sets. They are alkaline batteries,

They are NOT for the new V5 Li-ion battery plug or set. Those batteries can be purchased Click here button

3 batteries per ball, 9 balls. So you will have 3 batteries left over as spares.

These batteries are sold singly in stores for more than $2.00 each, so buying here is are a bargain.

Maxell batteries LR1130 Alkaline Battery
Cross Reference: LR54 Duracell D189A, Rayovac 189-1, Panasonic LR1130 ANSI/NEDA 1168A, Sony 189, Varta V10GA, GP89A, Vinnic L1131, CR1130, CR 1130, CR-1130, LR 1130, LR-1130

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