Synthetic Court Construction

Synthetic Bocce court surfaces from Italy.

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Most boccedromes ( Campi di Bocce ) in Italy now use a synthetic surface for play. This surface is laid over a carefully built up substrate of other layers including stone and asphalt. The final surface is poured on and let to settle by gravity over that perfectly flatly prepared subsurface. Sand is dusted on the final dried and set up surface to give something like the original quality and “feel” of the old style outdoor terrains. 

Synthetic court construction
Synthetic court construction


Leveling the sub surface

Pouring the final synthetic surface

Pouring the final synthetic surface

A reference site for this special surface material is.


And for companies that have proven skills in laying these surfaces here are a few.


Olympia Costruzioni



Aurelio Colleoni
( This company has made several courts in the USA including Campo di Bocce & Pallazzo di Bocce )

Centro Italia Sports

Detailed court construction ( in Italian )
and Surface