Perfetta Club Pro Fleck Color Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy

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All of our Prefetta sets are out of stock. But due to many customer requests we have put back the order button so pre orders can be made. The vessel with our containers is finally on its way to us from N Italy and due into the Port of Seattle Aug 23rd . Estimate another few days to get delivered to us. Then we immediately on ship all of the pre orders. Note: all pre orders are debited upon ordering.
Made in Italy bocce ball sets imported Exclusively by Playaboule

The ONLY sets in the world with a 15 Year warranty!!

Without doubt the best and most durable bocce ball set available. Choice of clubs, bocce facilities and discerning players throughout the world.

This set is sold in Europe for approx $167 a set. Look here Here and Here  Note: the price is in Euros and the exchange rate rate this month approx 1.53 so you need to multiply the 109 Euro x 1.52 to get $167. They of course don't have to pay the shipping costs we do to get the product or the customs, taxes and duties we do either.

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Made in Italy by the worlds most prestigious bocce manufacturer and used by the best Italian players and bocce champions around the world.

To see more information on the alternate Ultra Heavy Duty Blue Bocce bag CLICK HERE

Speckled option

Click image above for Solid color option.

This is exactly the same ball it just does not have the flecks of other colors.

Set comes with:

  • 8 Official Size Bocce balls 107mm (4.25" dia) 920gm +/-

  • 1 white Pallina 50mm (2" dia)

  • Rugged Nylon carry bag

  • OPTION; Substitute the Ultra Heavy Duty Blue bag. See more info HERE
  • Bocce Rules

  • Most Balls Laser engraved Made in Italy

  • 15 Year Warranty. See note below

Most of the balls are laser engraved made in Italy. These balls are the best multi player set you can buy, period!!

From the preferred choice of champions, pro players and has been the official ball of the World Bocce Championship for more than 20 years.

They are the most popular choice for clubs and the growing number of dedicated Bocce facilities around the US (e.g. Campo di Bocce-CA, Palazzo di Bocce-MI). If you have a home court or regularly play at a bocce venue, or if you want to give a set to a player who wants the the best, then these are perfect.

Special blend solid composition balls. 15 YEAR warranty!! They will not split or crack. Warranty is to the original purchaser. If somehow you manage to break a ball from stiking another ball while on a court we will replace the damaged ball for just the cost of shipping. You will need to return the damaged ball to us. Wear and tear while playing on abrasive surfaces or chips due to striking sharp objects. Of courser any damage from hitting rocks, concrete curbs etc  is not covered. 

Note: This warranty is for individual owners ( Personal use ). Clubs, commercial facilities, rentals etc where the balls are often being used 7 days a week and 8 plus hours a day this warranty cannot reasonably apply. For those purchasers a 2 year ball replacement warranty on the original balls apply. 

If you are playing on a bocce court that is made from decomposed ( crushed rock/stone ) then any bocce ball will be scratched and scuffed up and start to wear down in size immediately. It is a cheap surface to use but is not recommended by us or any other bocce ball manufacturer as its like playing on sand paper. Oyster shell is less abrasive and is a recommended playing surface.

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