Playaboule Patented 4 Color Lighted Bocce Set DLX Glow (LED) 107mm V4 Plugs

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Our most popular set by far. More than 1,000,000 balls sold.
**NEWEST DESIGN (PATENTED by Playaboule)**
Patent US 20130029794 A1
This set weighs almost 12 lbs. So these are NOT cheap light weight balls. They can be crashed together hard without fear of breaking a ball or the electronics.

This is our V3 Deluxe version of our 107mm standard size ( International and USA ) bocce ball and is our most popular set by far.

Patent # US20130029794 A1 added all these features exclusive to Playaboule.

  • Recessed push button external switch. So it won't bump off when the ball hits the ground
  • Plug stays in the ball except to change the batteries
  • Plug seals to ball so is sand, grit and water resistant.
  • Built in to the switch both Flash OR Non Flash LED function.
  • Simple fast battery change. No screwdriver needed.
  • New design larger size 50mm target ball with V4 plug. 


The set sold on this page is the Official Tournament size for bocce ball sets 107mm (4.2 inches dia). Lighter than a comp set see below. See below. Approximately the same size as a Softball.


This set includes ALL of the following. 

  • Set of 8 External Switch Glo lighted bocce balls. Press once for Flashing press again for Static Glo, press once more to turn off.

  • 2 Glow Green, 2 Glow Blue, 2 Glow Red, 2 Glow Yellow

  • 1 50mm (2 inch dia) Glow White jack (pallina). Press once for Flashing press again for Static Glo, press once more to turn off.

  • Deluxe Nylon carry case with webbing handles, upgraded heavy duty zipper. Extra compartments under lid and on the outside of the bag.

  • 1 set of batteries are preinstalled. Simply unscrew the plugs and pull the tab to connect for the first use.

  • Instructions and rules of play

  • Measuring string and Tape measure


The balls are made of a high quality, durable hard plastic material, with the Playaboule logo molded in.  Because the balls are translucent the LED light can shine through making the balls flash and glow in the dark. They can be easily seen in the dark from more than 100ft away. Simply press the recessed button to turn the light on/off to activate in flash mode or press again for non flash. 

We designed these balls to be pretty close to a solid sphere. But due the plug in the side of course the balls there is weight on one side so they don't roll in a straight line on a hard surface. Not designed to be a replacement for a competition set. Great recreational set and perfect for evening play! At the beach, camping, back yard, etc. When the sun goes down don't stop playing, START playing with this glo bocce ball set. These balls weigh approx 1.25 lbs each, about 2/3rds the weight of a competition bocce ball. This is plenty of heft even for the most aggressive player and has the extra advantage that the balls will not drop dead in very soft sand like a regular bocce ball does.There is a small air pocket/s left inside after molding. A threaded a hole is molded in the side for the LED plug. Being close to solid as possible, these balls are almost unbreakable.!!! You can crash the balls together without fear of damaging the balls or the LED components. 

The balls have a 1 year warranty against breakage or cracking. Not covered of course is hitting something harder and than the ball is, like cement, rocks, etc, even then they usually just bounce off. The plugs have a 90 day warranty. The reason for this is that if any problems are going to occur due to manufacturing/assembly, they will be evident, certainly within 90 days. Every plug is tested before packing, issues with the plug are rare. Long term the only issues we hear of are circuit board/battery corrosion, most often because the set is stored with the batteries left in for long periods of storage, damp with plugs not tight, foreign material, sand, water etc entering the plug enclosure because the plugs are not screwed properly creating a seal.

Spare or replacement plugs and batteries are available here. CLICK

Depending on usage, batteries can last 15 hours or more of typical playing times.

Cross Reference for batteries (3 for each ball and 3 for the target ball): LR54 Duracell D189A, Rayovac 189-1, Panasonic LR1130 ANSI/NEDA 1168A, Sony 189, Varta V10GA, GP89A, Vinnic L1131, Maxell LR1130

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