Play and make money

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We guarantee that every time you play with our lighted bocce sets, you will have people walk up and ask where to get them.

Most of our sales are word of mouth so perhaps that's exactly how you learned about our product. If not and you saw an advertisement, prove it to yourself. Buy one set and then go and play in a public area, like the beach or a park. Its such a "visible" game ( colored lights moving in the dark ) you'll have people walk up in no time. GUARANTEED!!!!

When asked "Wow what a great game, where did you get them?" Don't just pass on our website address, ( you can do that too :-) ), but why not make money while you play.

Order 12 and get a discount off the recommended retail. You choose the markup and keep the difference.  In the case of the deluxe set that can be $30 to $50 profit per set or more as you set the price!!! Call us at 206-340-5995 for that 12 set price.

The impulse to buy on the spot is powerful. Have some sets with you and they absolutely will sell, fast!!

These products are super HOT!! Many of our customers do this and its not uncommon for them to sell all 6 in one evening, especially at very public places, like campgrounds or at a beach.

We do it too and the easy sales pay for our weekend camping trip, or the evenings entertaining after an hour of play, we make more than enough to cover the cost of dinner with wine for at least 2 of us.

Note: You'll have to check in your area to see if a business license is required.