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This page is for adding laser engraving to a set of balls and does NOT include the cost of that set.

ONLY available for engraving on our  Perfetta Bocce ball sets.

$28.95 for 1 line of text (MAX 12 characters), initials etc. on all 8 balls.
$12.00 to add a second line of text (MAX 12 characters) on all 8 balls
$50.95 for your logo on all 8 balls. NO COLOR IMAGES.
Laser engraving done in house by us. It is a custom process so can take a several days to be in the queue, processed and completed.

Personalized custom laser engraving of bocce balls.

We can laser engrave quite long names/text (Please read all notes below) on all 8 balls. That works out to be approx $3.60 per ball.

  1. Can only be purchased with a set of balls.
  2. The low cost text engraving is only engraved in one of the 2 styles seen on the right. If you want to have a specific font that is not one of those 2 choices it is considered a Logo and priced accordingly. See notes on Logo's below. 
  3. You can choose a second line for extra cost. $12.00 or $1.50 more per ball.
  4. The prices are for all 8 balls graved the same. We do not engrave the pallina. If you want a different combination e.g. 4 green with 1 logo or text and the 4 red a different logo or text then the setup time is doubled so the price is doubled.
  5. For 1 or 2 lines of text we do a best placement avoiding the lines already cut into the balls.
  6. If you want more than 2 lines of text, that is considered Custom Logo engraving (choose from the right). All the rules listed on this page still apply. With more than 2 lines of text it is not always possible to avoid the lines in the balls. We still try to do a best fit.  
  7. ***MOST IMPORTANT*** Any text, logo etc MUST fit inside a 2 inch dia circle. This is the limit as moving outside that, the laser beam focus drops off (degrades) the further from the high point (Top center of the ball) that the laser moves. If you are not sure of how your engraving will look, lay out what you want on a piece of paper inside a 2 inch circle first.
  8. A name that is 9 characters long will be approx. 9mm (3/8 inch) high. If it's longer then the height will be less to suit condition 6.
  9. The maximum number of letters per line is 12 and this includes spaces. 
  10. You can put spaces in. So a Name could read
    JOHN SMITH. Spaces count as letters
  11. The laser engraving depth is approximately .25 mm deep or less and does not affect warranty or the balance of the balls.
  12. Laser Engraved balls are NOT returnable.
  13. The Solid Color balls, we think show the engraving better than the Speckled balls. Because the "busyness" of the speckles make the text harder to see. Especially if the letters are small due to length of text requested. Sans Machine Fon is not recommended for fleck balls.
  14. Laser engraving is burning the skin off the balls. Due to the extreme hardness of the balls this can sometimes leave the appearence of darker engraving than is shown in our images. We have not Photoshoped those images but the flash lighting clearly seen in those images may make them seem brighter in detail.

Custom engraving your image or logo

We can also do special engraving of your artwork at low cost.

Note: You must read ALL the information below before you contact us or send any images.

We cannot engrave copyright, trademark or licensed images/logos, as that is illegal. Those include NFL or other sports team logos, Disney characters etc.

Before calling send file first to      sales(at)


There are many Free image editing software's available for download off the web. Or 30 day full versions of commercial software like, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.


If you choose special fonts please be sure that they are free. Of course we cannot engrave proprietary fonts ( ones you have purchased ) as we don't have access to them.

Formats supported vector .ai, CorelDraw, Illustrator (but must have compression turned off when saved). Or as a last resort hi resolution ( 300dpi or better ) .bmp files. The best format is vector and not bit map. Laser engraving is cutting away material so color or grey scale are of course NOT possible. If the file is BMP it must be black and white only. e.g. .bmp 1-bit. Adobe Illustrator (uncompressed) or CorelDraw and other vector formats will give you the best results.

The image you send must be scaled to fit in 2 inch dia circle or a 2 x 2 inch square if there is no fine detail in the corners. This scaling must be done by the customer so they can get a visual idea of what the detail of the final engraving will look like.

If you put text in your logo all the notes above apply. In particular the number of charcters including spaces. See notes 6 thru 9 above.

As noted above. Laser engraving is burning off the top layer of a ball. It is NOT a color process like a laser color printer so please don't send us colored images. Images copied off websites are low resolution and great for viewing on a computer screen but typically not suitable for laser engraving. Higher resolution images of 300dpi or better will give sharper engraving results.

The laser beam is approximately .12 of a mm wide. That is about the thickness of a small needle used to sew on buttons. If your image has lines or profiles that are close together ( .15mm or less ) the laser beam will cut those profiles but they will overlap. e.g. 5 lines all .15mm apart will look like one wide line due to the overlap. So photos and detailed images will look like they have blobs of cutout wherever there is fine detail. Examples that close to the engraving result are shown below.


                      ORIGINAL                                               ENGRAVED

Bird  bird bmp


butterfly  butterfly bmp


face  face bmp


detail bird  detail bird bmp


detailed woman  woman bmp



List Price $35.95
Your Price $28.95
You Save $7.00 - 19%
I have read the engraving notes.

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George ( I ordered a set of custom engraved balls as a wedding gift for a friend. They arrived super fast and look AMAZING. I couldn't be happier, especially since everywhere else I looked the price was almost double what I paid. Highly recommended.
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Ordered a set of engraved bocce balls for a family event. They works with me before the purchase to make sure the graphic I wanted would work. Super fast responses, excellent customer service, and ultra fast shipping. Ordered on a Friday afternoon and they were custom engraved, shipped, and to my house by Monday ! Will buy from again!!!
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Love this product
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My brother played Bocce ball with his friends the whole week of his wedding, so I had bocce balls engraved with my brother and sister in laws names and their anniversary date. They are really gorgeous. Great quality, thanks!
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I had a great experience working with the Playaboule team. They worked with me to make sure that the graphic I selected would work for engraving and the end result was exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend them as they were a pleasure to work with!
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