Fix a V1 Plug

We get some customer support calls that refer to erratic behaviour of the V1 plug. Its not very comon, but we thought it made sense for us to write a short FAQ to highlight this and to show the fix.

Those erratic behaviours can be

1) LED won't switch off

2) LED won't switch on

3) LED used to be static but now flashes


Initially we supplied free replacements, and later did get some thought to be faulty plugs returned from customers that had those behaviours. Upon a brief inspection it was clear that the problem/s were due too over tightening the plug.

When the plug is screwed in the gray button makes contact with the flat face inside the ball and the LED lights up. Unscrew a full turn and the LED goes off. Simple and it works.

But if you keep screwing the plug in after the plug lights up there is a chance the switch will be crushed. A 1/4 turn is OK after the LED lights up and/or there will also be slight resistance when the switch makes contact, then stop turning.

See picture below.

There is a slot in the cap and its a perfect place to put a coin to tighten the plug. But don't do that as the tendency is to over tighten.The slot is there for a coin, in case the plug binds with grit and ONLY so its easier to REMOVE the plug.

Its also wrongly assumed that screwing the plug in really tightly will seal the ball better in wet conditions.

Note: Per the instruction that came with the set. Overtightening will void the warranty.

Solution to fix:

The good thing is that it is often a simple fix. Just gently pry the strap up with a small pen knife, metal nail file or similar, unitl the strap is parallel to the circuit board ( see plug on right below ). This will release pressure on the rubber switch and all should be normal again.

If that fix does not work you can buy sets of replacement plugs on the Replacement Parts page. Click here.


V1 plug showing strap

Example of bent strap