Glo Bocce Leagues

Our lighted bocce ball sets have become extremely popular.

People just love the ability to play after dark and have invented a whole new dynamic to the sport of bocce or as many say bocce ball. Often wine or beer are involved and play has left the formal court and is now free form. Beaches and grass have become the preferred playing surfaces, with logs, trees, fences etc the obstacles. Ultimate Bocce ball, beach bocce ball, free form bocce ball the names are many but the scoring and the style of play are always the same. The team with the closest ball to the target ( pallina ) wins. The more balls closer than the closest ball from the other team adds to the score.

Most of our sales are word of mouth and groups are forming and starting to have organized games and ultimate bocce ball competitions. In particular at colleges, at camping grounds and at the beach.

We have been approached a number of times regarding sponsorship of those organized Games, Bocce Leagues and are happy to do so.

Give us a call and we do what we can to help you organize events or share events you have planned. We could even set up a special page to post upcoming events.

Phone 206-340-5995 Ext 202 or email

All the best
The Playaboule Team