What is Petanque

What is Petanque (pronounced Pay-tonk) / Boules (pronounced Boolz) anyway?

Petanque is also known around the world as Boules (boule is ball in French, just as bocce is ball in Italian). It is an exciting game that was first played in France around 1907 and is quickly becoming very popular in America as it has done all over the world. It can be played outdoors by everyone no matter what their age or athletic ability.

All that's needed is a friend or two, an open space, the Playaboule petanque / boules game set, and the ability to aim and throw a ball. We can help you with the petanque equipment: it consists of a small ball called a jack, six or 8 larger metal balls called boules, a measure, and a carrying case.

To play Petanque / Boules, players divide up into two teams composed of one, two, or three players. After deciding who goes first, a player throws the jack—the target players aim for—from a designated throwing spot. The rest of the game is spent trying to throw your boules closer to the jack than the other team does. After all the boules are thrown, the team with the closest boule receives a point for each boule that is closer to the jack than their opponents. The first team to earn 13 points wins the game.

The rules of the game are easy to learn. The challenge comes in trying to master your throwing skills. Whether you are a newbie or a master, you never get tired of perfecting your game. There are clubs and tournaments worldwide for both amateurs and superstars that offer you the chance to improve or showoff your game. From the small shipbuilding port of La Ciotat, France, Petanque / Boules is rapidly growing in popularity here in the USA. And Playaboule is ready to get you started. If you can throw a ball, you can play this game. If you like to have fun, then get out and join the 10,000,000+ other enthusiasts that have found petanque to be so Playaboule.