Tournement Organization Software

Tournament Organization Software

SPORT is a powerful tournament manager for various sports:

  • Badminton
  • Dart
  • Team sports (Basketball, Handball, Soccer, ...)
  • Petanque / Boule / Bocce
  • Foosball / Table soccer / Kicker
  • Table tennis
  • Billard
  • Curling
  • Martial arts (Judo, Taekwondo, ...)
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
Sample screen (16k).

SPORT organises events, players, clubs, matches, referees and rankings in an easy to use mannor.

The SPORT schedule offers perfect overview of the tournament. SPORT enables you to generate various printouts:

  • Standard letters to all clubs or players (with MS-Word),
  • Draws,
  • Referee forms,
  • Rankings, and
  • Entry fee summaries and receipes


The SPORT monitor can run on a second PC to continuously display the actual state of the tournament. This view can be projected to a large screen by an LCD Projector.

At the end of the events, the final rankings can be displayed to inform all player immediately on their scoring.

 SPORT Monitor

Some advantages are:

  • The players and referees know, on which court they have to play.
  • The visitors have an overview, which players are actually fighting on which court.
  • The tournament managers get much less info-requests and thus get more time to do their job.

System Requirements

PC with Windows95 (or successor) operating system and 5 MB free disk space.

Software download

To download the manual in Adobe PDF format click this link Product Manual.

If you don't have the PDF reader you can get it Free here

Download the SPORT-Software from the following server to your local PC. Execution installs the software.
 Demo-Software  sport613d.exe  2.2MB 
With this demo version you are able to test the functionality of the SPORT software for 30 minutes. Please notice that in this demo version two functions are deactivated: printing and storing the tournaments to disk.
These limitations do not exist in the full software.

Full Software

When you order a license of the SPORT Software we send you a download-link per eMail or a CD-ROM. Additionally you get an individual license key, which must be entered once into the options+license menu.


Demo versions of the SPORT software are always available for free.
New versions will be announced on our Internet site.
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