Playaboule Red and Green 107mm Bocce Ball Set FS

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This is without doubt the best value bocce set available in the USA for under $100.

We can do this because we import direct from our own manufacturer there are no other "middle men" each adding their profit so you get a much better set at a lower price
Big discount off shipping and getr the set in 2 days.

US Bocce Federation and International Bocce Federation states that only 107mm size balls are for tournament play. These are 107mm ( approx 4.25") balls.

The photo below shows a comparison with other popular sets seen. Ours is the one on the left. Can you see the difference in quality??

Close up of all groove styles

This set includes

  • Ball Size:107mm (4.2" dia.) The only official size for tournament play. Approx ball weight 2.4 lbs (1150gm)


  • 1 x 2" (50mm) the standard size for US Bocce Federation play, yellow pallino.

  • Traditional colors of 4 green balls, 4 red balls and each color has 2 separate groove patterns to distinguish balls in pairs play. 

  • Instruction sheet.

  • The standard bag does the job like any standard bocce bag. The bag is lined with black nylon fabric and comes with a separate custom made platform that goes in between the layers of balls making it easy to load. Strong webbing handles.

  • Or upgrade to the super heavy duty double lined synthetic rubber base. See more on that bag HERE
  • This bocce ball set is perfect for family use in the back yard, at the beach. But as noted in the warranty, be wary of rocks or other hard objects in the field of play as they will damage any bocce ball.

  •  As with our other products, we import these sets directly from our manufacturer. So no middle man to jack up the price. You benefit from the savings.

  •  The balls are made from special blend solid thermoset resin with the color all the way through the ball not just on the skin.


MOST stores have a workmanship limited warranty ONLY and then its 90 days or less. Ours is a 1 year free ball replacement warranty if you somehow manage to split a ball when hitting another ball, we will replace it free of charge plus shipping. All you need to do is to return the cracked or split ball to us. The 1 year warranty is for personal use only and does not apply to clubs or other commercial facilities. This set is great for back yard and family use. For the rigors of club and business use we recommend our Pefetta sets. Our Perfetta sets have a 10 year warranty for personal use and 2 years for commercial use.

The video shows the quality of a Playaboule Red & Green Bocce ball thrown very hard onto a concrete floor. No damage at all and certainly the balls do not crack or split.

Note: The floor of course does not move. But hitting another bocce ball that ball will move and much of the impact is lost because it does. So there is no way one of these balls will split, crack or chip hitting another ball.

The BIG NOTE: The result of this sort of impact will be very different if you are playing on a surface that has rocks, especially sharp ones, or the edge of a metal park bench, or the edge of a concrete driveway etc. Those hard edges will have a shearing action ( think hitting with an axe ) that will very likely chip a bocce ball or in some case split it.

Our bocce balls, as is obvious from the video are very hard and resilient. But they are not indestructible, especially when playing on surfaces with rocks and are not covered by the warranty when playing in those conditions.

If you are playing on a bocce court that is made from decomposed ( crushed rock/stone ) then any bocce ball will be scratched and scuffed up and start to wear down in size immediately. It is a cheap surface to use but is not recommended by us or any other bocce ball manufacturer as its like playing on sand paper. Oyster shell is less abrasive and is a recommended playing surface.


At this Price no they are NOT made in Italy nor of the superior materials that our Perfetta sets are. These are made from one solid piece of Thermoset Resin material and are easily the best on the market at this incredible price. They are NOT chopped up plastic pieces as filler like many other Chinese made sets.

Shipping Note: If you choose the USPS LRG FRB box option we will break the set/s down and fit into a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box/s. Delivery 2-3 days and includes Alaska and Hawaii!!!!!

Note- When shipping Internationally, there may additional  charges assessed at your end for Import and brokerage fees.  This applies especially to orders you choose to ship via UPS. They will charge brokerage fees assessed and must be paid when they deliver to you. Please check your countries import rules and regulations. We recommend USPS.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

Arthur Williams, NC 1/24/2011 2:52:53 PM I bought a Halex set of 107mm "Premier" bocce balls on another site. Was so disappointed with them I returned that set. The pictures of the balls on all the sites that show the Halex set ( it seems to always be the same pictures ) are not what the balls look like when you get them, they have been Photoshoped. I think that's a word? but I mean altered in a photo-editing program. The balls in reality are dull, faded looking colors of red and green and the the bag!!. They call it a Deluxe heavy duty bag. What an outright lie. Its so thin that when you take out the cardboard packaging it wouldn't even stand up by itself. Again not like all the photos show on the websites, but of course they leave the packing box inside so it looks good. The handle actually all the seams are a single line of stitching so the bag will fall apart in no time. But enough about that. I bought this Playaboule set instead and checked first that I could return them if I didn't like them, they said sure no problem. What a difference, the balls look like the photos and the bag really is heavy duty. Also has a removable platform that goes between the 2 stacks so its super easy to load. I'm really happy with this set. Next time I won't be so trusting of pictures on websites or the descriptions, but I know now that the people and products shown at Playaboule are honest and I'll for sure shop here again.
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James Wilkes, Texas (July 2007) We are bocce nuts and like to share the game with our friends. Over the years we've tried other balls from stores or online but when we found these we look no further. Great price, incredible service the best deal!!
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Jan 2010 - Fred NY. I got these when they were offering free shipping and what a deal!! It must have cost them $25 to send them across country. Great quality and really good super strong bag. Even has rigid sides so its easy to repack. We'll see if the balls stand up to our weekly play.
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Playaboule Bocce Set Red and Green Mary - Illinois (Tuesday, December 13, 2005) Just bought this set for my nephews and it looks great! High quality bag and balls. They are going to love it!
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AJ (andrew.jxxx@xxxxx)12/19/2011 9:06:43 PM Exactly what I was looking for!!! Shipping was fast and accurate! I'm no Bocce expert so after looking at several different sets that appeared to be the same, I went with this one based on the extensive information that Playaboule provided about their product. The appearance is wonderful! Clean etchings, shinny finish, great weight. The set is exactly as they described so I am happy to say that there were no unfortunate surprises, as can be the case when ordering items online. I will recommend this company for any bocce needs I come across. When it comes to Bocce, they're the balls!
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