Perfetta - M6 - 4 ball Pro Bocce Set

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Note: Balls are typically 4 - 6 week delivery and are special order, so are NOT refundable and payment is debited at the time of the order.

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M6 Granite is symbolic of hardness, sturdiness and eternity.
This is the reason why with M6 Bowls we have tried to give you the same aesthetic appeal as granite, surpassing it even in terms of technical features.

The choice of the material for a Bowl must take into account both aesthetic factor, such as personal taste, and technical aspects such as the different characteristics of the materials available on the market and people physical exigencies. In producing M6 Bowls we tried to combine both technique and aesthetic features. The epoxydic resins employed and suitably catalyzed for this type of bowl give origin to high performance polymers. This type of resin merges excellent mechanical properties and very low shrinkage, a very good resilience to temperature and a high insensibility to alkaline substrata and humidity, either before or after the hardening stage.

The components are amalgamated, pressed and fused at extremely high temperatures in order to compound a perfectly homogeneous substance. Because of their high degree of resistance to abrasion M6 Bowls are suitable for any surface.

The airfreight cost from Italy to our warehouse of $133.00 per set is included in the price.

4 balls per set. Includes a 40mm pallina.

Ball Size: 107mm dia & 920gms (official size for US and International competition play)

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Bianco ( 1 ) Bianco
Grigio Perla ( 2 ) Grigio Perla
Rosso ( 3 ) Rosso
Grigio Antracite ( 4 ) Grigio Antracite
Mix Azzurro ( 5 ) Mix Azzurro
Mix Celeste ( 6 ) Mix Celeste
Mix Verde ( 7 ) Mix Verde
Mix Verde chiaro ( 8 ) Mix Verde chiaro
Mix Rosso ( 9 ) Mix Rosso
Mix Arancio ( 10 ) Mix Arancio
Mix Grigio antracite ( 11 ) Mix Grigio antracite
Mix Grigio perla ( 12 ) Mix Grigio perla
M6 Gold Green ( G1 ) M6 Gold Green
M6 Gold Red ( G2 ) M6 Gold Red
M6 Gold Light Blue ( G3 ) M6 Gold Light Blue
M6 Gold Yellow ( G4 ) M6 Gold Yellow
M6 Gold Black ( G5 ) M6 Gold Black
M6 Gold Dark Blue ( G6 ) M6 Gold Dark Blue
M6 Gold Red and Black ( G7 ) M6 Gold Red and Black
M6 Gold Yellow and blue ( G8 ) M6 Gold Yellow and Blue
M6 Gold Yellow and Light Blue ( G9 ) M6 Gold Yellow and Light Blue
M6 Gold Light Blue and Dark Blue ( G10 ) M6 Gold Light Blue and Dark Blue
M6 Gold Red and Light Green ( G11 ) M6 Gold Red and Light Green
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