Perfetta - DESIGN 2005 - 4 Ball Pro bocce set

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Note: Balls are typically a 4 - 6 week delivery, are special order so are NOT refundable and payment is debited at the time of the order. The airfreight cost from Italy to our warehouse of $133.00 per set is included in the price.

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The "Design 2005" series is also part of the prestigious range "F2001"

F2001 was realized thanks to the use of new materials and technologies: computerized machines, mix resins made of new generation by means of poly-condensation.

These materials interact between each other due to their sensitivity to the heat generated by hands. The characteristics are as follows:

  • resins ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Stirene) allow the absorption of energy,harewith regulating the power i put from the player;
  • aminioplastic material, which make it smooth;
  • epoxy resins "new generation", which give more mechanical resistance to impacts.
  • Ball Size: 107 mm dia and 920gm weight.
  • The official size and weight for US and international tournament play. 
  • Set of 4 balls with a 40mm pallina.

Note: Special orders are NOT refundable and payment is debited at the time of the order.

This ball is made with a unique core material that the outer skin is molded to. By using different sized cores ( which is lighter than the skin ) allows Perfetta to make different weight balls with the same outside diameter. In the USA we are only selling the 920gm balls. In Italy some clubs play with 900, 910 930 etc gm balls.

Note: Due to 2 separate materials of ball, owner must be careful when exposing balls to extreme temperature changes.

Ball Colors - Click the image to see a larger view 

1ADI (1) 1ADI
2GHL (2) 2GHL
3AMN (3) 3AMN
5CDE (5) 5CDE
6MOP (6) 6MOP
7PQR (7) 7PQR
8BHO (8) 8BHO
9AIN (9) 9AIN
10EGN (10) 10EGN
11DIP (11) 11DIP
12PQR (12) 12PQR
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