Our Favorite Links

The following are some of our favourite links.

If you would like to suggest others to add, please e-mail us at sales@playaboule.com


FPUSA - Federation of Petanque USA - Great site !!

Petanque USA - Filled with good information about the game.

British Petanque Association.

Petanque.org -  Great Site to see many other Links and Boules info ( Mostly European )

World Federation of Boules Sports ( Petanque, Jeu Provencal, Raffe )

Petanque Screen Savers

The most complete links list that we know of.

Federation International of Petanque and Jeu Provencal ( FIPJP ) 


An excellent video of a "variation" of bocce played on Labor Day in Toluca IL..

This is the official site of the US Bocce Federation and is full of useful information.

The home site for Perfetta, in Italian only.

Fun site by Tom McNutt (BocceMon). Builds primo bocce courts in the NorthWest.

This site is for the place often reffered to as the best bocce facility in the USA, Campo Di Bocce.

Palazzo Di Bocce, the First purpose built Bocce Palace in the USA.

Sonoma County Bocce Federation - Newly formed club in Northern California

Portland Bocce League Association - Non profit group promoting Bocce in the Pacific North West

BOCCEVOLO - This is a great site developed by Benjamin Tosi, with a lot of good links for Volo play.

FFSB - French Federation for Boules Lyonnaise - Home site in French

Lyonnaise Info - Site in French that has the history of this sport and other info.

FIB - Italian Bocce Federation Site

CIB - International Bocce Federation ( International Official Rules in Italian. ) 

CMSB - Confederation Mondiale Sport Boules. (Governing body that encompasses each of the "boule sports", Boule Lyonnaise(Volo), Petanque and Raffa (Bocce)) This organization is coordinating the effort to get "Boules" into the Olympics.

BSA - US Bocce Standards Association. US version of   the sport of Bocce. Commonly know in the USA as "Open Rules".

Bocce ScoreBoards - Premium product for a permanent bocce court installation.

BocceBoard - An excellent product that brings the game of bocce indoors and scales it down to fit in any room.