Play the game of Bocce/Petanque. Click the picture to play

Note: When playing, to release the ball and control its distance and direction, drag the ball behind the player. 

  • Lighted bocce balls
  • Lighted bocce balls
  • Lighted Bocce sets

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FiveStars Stars Playaboule Glow (LED) 73mm Lighted Bocce Ball : Petanque Set
by Anonymous on 11/14/2014

mary.her**@**.net We love this product and this company!

FiveStars Stars 2in dia (50mm) Bocce Pallina
by Manchester on 9/21/2014

awsome-perfect replacement!

FiveStars Stars Playaboule V3 Lighted Bocce Ball Set DLX Glow (LED) 107mm - G
by butchmel on 8/20/2014

These are great! Far surpassed our expectations. Don't hesitate, just buy a set. Great fun guaranteed.

FiveStars Stars Playaboule Red and Green 107mm Bocce Ball Set FS
by Anonymous on 8/15/2014

Scott L***. We play fairly extreme bocce on lunch breaks at the office. This set made it a year before one split. 40 foot drops onto concrete or asphalt will not affect the ball. Even concrete edges around baseball dugouts or playgrounds have no…

FiveStars Stars Playaboule Extra Heavy Duty Bocce Ball Bag
by Anonymous on 8/12/2014

I'm very happy with this bag. Everything about it is indeed heavy duty. It also arrived very quickly. We have regulation sized balls and they fit fine in this bag.

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