8 steel ball Petanque Set : Bocce Set Gold & Silver

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Being made from steel these sets are not light they weigh 13lbs!!

NEW Product 4 Gold Balls and 4 Silver balls are easy to see each teams balls at a distance.

Petanque, Boules is the French version of the Italian game Bocce.

The 8 ball petanque | Bocce set is ideal for a group of four to play together, 2 balls each.

(Note: In competitive play, 3 balls are used when playing in teams of 2). 


  • The Petanque | Bocce ball set includes 2 balls each of 1,2,3, and 4 groove patterns, a wooden jack (target ball), a simple measuring device, and instructions to play. 

  • The balls are made from 2 hollow steel halves welded together to form the sphere.

  • 1 + 2 groove balls are Silver chrome and the 3 + 4 groove balls are Gold chrome.

  • The nylon case is blue (color of case may vary from pictures) with yellow embroidered PLAYABOULE on face. 

  • Chromed steel balls are diameter of 73mm and 720gm weight each, within the certified competition boule range. 

  • Perfect petanque practice ball or starter ball for a new player. 

  • Or for bocce players with smaller hands.

Note: As the description states these are chrome plated steel balls. If you play on abrasive surfaces like crushed granite or stone chips the balls will of course scratch and mar the finish. Just like the French made competition balls will that are more than $100 dollars for a set of 3!! By the way that $100 does not include a case.

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by pommede on January 18, 2013

I love the pétanque set and use it 4 times per week! I have noticed that the gold boules are colder than the silver boules; when playing in the cold, the silver boules will warm to the hand eventually, but the gold boules will not hold heat. as far as i can tell, however, the gold and silver boules play the same and are a tremendous value for the price :)

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by Anonymous on April 30, 2015

merci beaucoup. the best ever they are absolutely fantastic they shipped the same day and they where nice enough to give me additional case .You can't beat for that price to me they worth more then $200. thank you playboule

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by Anonymous on May 19, 2015

Recently introduced to Bocce Ball on the beach using steel balls, I wanted a set, and was pleased to find this steel set of balls, on sale too. Unofficial play will be in the sand on our beach. The steel set, although heavier, seems much nicer than other kinds (some very cheaply inferior), and the ball size is perfect. The carry case is great. For target ball visibility on the sand, will probably take a golf ball and paint it Red. Looking forward to some sunny entertainment, and sharing with anyone who wishes to play. Thanks for the great value of this set.

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