Lighted Bocce Sets

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Differences between our full size, 107mm 4.2" dia (exclusive to Playaboule) lighted Bocce set versions are:

  • V1 has the LED that turns on when the plug is screwed in and off by a half turn out. Non Flashing plugs only included. Standard carry bag lighted bocce balls, lighted pallina, extra batteries, rules etc.

  • V2 was our first external push button design. Is was discontinued after we developed the V3 design that added many new features.
  • V3 Deluxe (PATENTED Patent # US20130029794 A1) is our latest design, and by far our most popular, has a recessed push button external switch AND is water resistant AND does not need the extra plugs because the switch has the function for Flash or Non Flash built in AND no screw driver is required to change the batteries. New design larger size 50mm target ball with V3 plug. Deluxe heavy weight fabric bag for lighted bocce ball set with extra pockets and heavy duty zippers.

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These glo sets are developed by Playaboule