Glo Ball Set of Plugs Flash/Non Flash-V3

Glo Ball Set of V3 Glo Bocce Plugs

New Design plug Patent Pending - V3

These were designed to also fit in our original Glo Bocce ( V1 & V2 ) and Glo Petanque sets so you can upgrade to this new design.

(Note: This plug set DOES INCLUDE the white (target ) ball plug. But it will NOT fit the smaller V1 & V2 white ball (1.5"). If you need the larger (2") V3 White ball you must order it seperatly. )

Water resistant plugs with External switch that has both Flash and Non Flash functions in the switch.

  • New design External switch
  • No need to screw and unscrew plug to turn off/on
  • Upgraded storage in hard plastic tubes (original design in plastic bag)
  • Set of 8 plugs
  •  2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 green + m1 White. thats only $1.61 per plug!!!

Only in V3 Plug

  • Water resistant sealed cap
  • Plug has both flash and non flash function in the switch.
  • New screw-less battery compartment, means its much easier to change batteries
  • Deep recessed switch means less chance to bump off in sand and grass
  • Preinstalled batteries ($11.95)

Note: We do not sell single plugs. Only as the set of 9. At $1.61 ( you can guess at the profit we make!! ) per plug and we don't charge handling fees its just not economically possible.

List Price $32.00
Your Price $26.45
You Save $5.55 - 17%

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by Anonymous on July 20, 2013

Great Bocce set and it's awesome that parts are available. We had an unfortunate incident involving water and these really saved my set. They're pretty water resistent, but under water a few times in a creek and a couple of the balls weren't happy. Play a Boule spare parts to the rescue! Dried them out and put in new plugs and it's like a new set again, not to mention the new plugs came with all new batteries again!

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by Anonymous on April 10, 2013

4/10/2013 9:57:21 PM If you don't have a set....get one! fantastic game!

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by Anonymous on August 22, 2012

ive owned Bocci ball for 4 years now and i love it. we've made so many new friendswhile camping.

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